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Two Doors Tapas and Wine Bar
Sticks and Stones
Macquarie Credit Union
Kintyre Estate
I have had the pleasure of working with Bawd Property Trust and have found them to be a most professional & pro-active organisation. They carefully managed the different phases of the construction such that there was seamless coordination of the many contractors involved which resulted in an absolute minimum of any time delays during the building process. Ultimately the project ran on time an...
The Fast Lane Drive Thru Coffee
The staff at BPT are always friendly, courteous and helpful. They are prompt in returning phone calls and responding to our needs.

Our Core Values

  • We have FUN
  • We are HONEST and expect that from all people we deal with
  • We believe there is plenty for everyone and are ABUNDANT
  • We are CUSTOMER FOCUSED and exceed expectations
  • We are GRATEFUL and are ACCOUNTABLE for what happens to us
  • We know that ACTIONS speak louder than words, so we DO!!!
  • We are a HAPPY team and SUPPORT each other
  • Reach Out

    What makes us unique?

    Since our business commenced in 1999, every single one of our client’s businesses or organisations has grown with the exception of one - Old Vince the auto electrician.

    He retired!