With a small amount of seed capital, the BAWD Property Trust (BPT) was established in Dubbo NSW Australia in 1999.

With a clear focus on client prosperity, time lines and quality, BPT has grown and will continue to grow at an amazing rate. That initial seed capital has grown equity by more than 500 times – or 50,000%. 

Today, BPT undertakes development, construction and management of its property and equity assets. This is accompanied by a business support team as well as established systems, plans and tools.
To date, BPT has:

  • Developed, owned and managed commercial, educational, retail and industrial buildings with a gross floor area of approximately 20,000sqm or 2 hectares
  • Developed approximately 15,000sqm of retirement housing including associated infrastructure, landscaping and social facilities for an SEPP 55 development
  • Developed and is developing 120 hectares of residential land subdivision
  • A residential land bank of 60 hectares, with 150 residential lots currently ready to be developed and brought to market
  • Commercial zoned land bank of 1 hectare
  • A development pipeline of $120 million in completed project values
  • Completed the negotiation and unit buy back of 90% of initial issued units
  • Equity investments in publicly listed and private companies
  • Blockchain mining operations with minor holdings in different crypto currencies
  • Developed a strategic alliance with The Fastlane Drive Thru Coffee to help continue the expansion of the franchise business across Australia
  • Assets with a geographical spread from Southern Victoria to Central Queensland

The director of the trustee is Mr Brett Anderson.

With a small, focussed, efficient team of friendly professionals, BPT is able to cater to our clients needs, and exceed their expectations. In this regard, it is our core values that hold us in good stead. We pride ourselves on our imagination and creativity and love creating solutions to any challenges that are put to us. Nothing gives us greater joy than for our clients to have continued success.

Our business support team is responsible for providing assistance that allows all our businesses to be as efficient as possible. Technology is crucial in this regard in allowing us to be flexible and efficient.

We love that we have been able to instigate and assist many significant community projects through taking a leadership position in our communities. We see giving and receiving as one and the same, and truly believe that our unique skills must be shared for the benefit of all our stakeholders and the communities in which we choose to live. We love the fact that we have been able to make a difference. To be the change that we want to see in the world.

We have big plans, but we love that we have achieved so much already.

If you think we could help you achieve your dream, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today. One of our friendly team will be in contact with you within one business day of receiving your message.

Have a good day!

Our Purpose

We are creating great PROSPERITY for ALL STAKEHOLDERS to allow us all to live our DREAMS.